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ADUN Podcasts & Interviews

Feel free to listen to stories, insights, expert opinions and more around the broad theme of the digital in higher education in Africa

In this podcast interview, Prof Barbara Moser-Mercer shares her expert insights on the development of the field of Higher Education in Emergencies. and what digital pedagogy means in these unique, challenging but also fulfilling educational environments. She traces her own journey from InZone - Centre for Higher Education in Emergencies to the current Africa University Network for Higher Education in Emergencies (AUN4HEiE) initiative and along the way shares extremely valuable insights and strategies around how to teach students in, e.g. refugee camps. Concepts like humanising teaching and learning, traversing the "last mile" and always starting from the bottom-up is unpacked.

*** Special acknowledgement to John Bartman for the royalty-free song West in Africa used in the podcast ***

In this podcast conversation, Alexis Bosire, Global Secretary of Education and Disability for UPAM (among many other things!) talks to us from Kenya about how it came about that he has taught Kenyan Sign Language to close to 6000 students over the last three years using WhatsApp. We discover his own journey as an educator with a passion for inclusive education and how the WhatsApp courses work. We learn from his digital pedagogical approach and how a tool like WhatsApp can be used to reach many students. Enjoy Alexis' energy as a teacher who is passionate about digital teaching approaches to support disabilities. Visit Alexis' Kenyan Sign Language page on Facebook (and maybe sign up for a course on KSL!)

*** Special acknowledgement to John Bartman for the royalty-free song West in Africa used in the podcast ***

Other AHEEN related Podcasts

Feel free to also listen to other podcasts that also refer to the AHEEN work in humanitarian settings. The first two below come from the Reimagining Education in Humanitarian Settings podcast series which is well worth a listen.