Webinar #6: UDL-IE – Universal Design for (Digital) Learning- In Emergencies: Education designed for EVERYONE


Digital content is not innocent. Behind the seemingly wonderful videos, presentations and documents lie a (mostly) invisible world of usability and accessibility. In this augmented webinar we are exploring the links between (a) Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – (b) Digital Content and how it all plays out in the (c) Education in Emergencies context. The basic premise we will be exploring is that both EiE and UDL focusses on making education accessible to EVERYONE.

We will cover the following three very practical topics:

1. What is UD4DL and what are print disabilities?

2. What can ALL OF US do to design our content and courses for universal access?

3. What does it practically mean for the digital content we create and disseminate for our AUN4HEiE courses?

What to do before the webinar: Think about the following questions:

  • What do you personally know of, and how do you feel about teaching students with disabilities?

  • Did you know that colour blindness and dyslexia are part of print disabilities?

  • Are you of the opinion that none of your students should be left behind?

  • Are you aware of the important field of UDL (Universal Design for Learning)?

  • Do you think that creating digital content automatically makes your course UDL friendly?

Video recording of the webinar

Audio recording

>> Click here for the Audio only version of Webinar #6 (mp3 80mb)

Webinar Presentation slide deck

>> The Google Slides (only some of the content) is available by clicking here

>> View and take part in the Zeetings presentation by clicking here


Homework & Portfolio

  • Work through the CAST resources on: http://udloncampus.cast.org/home

  • Do a quick audit on your course to see what needs to change to make it more UDL

  • Make a list of things you need to change and document it (and a plan of action) on your portfolio

Bonus: Video resource: An excellent webinar on UDL from the BTALHE 2021 course! ±60 min