#1 Brilliant Basics of Digital Pedagogy

Webinar #1: The brilliant basics of digital pedagogy: Knowlegde, people and active learning


In this first webinar of the African University Network for Higher Education in Emergencies (AUN4HEiE) digital pedagogy series we will take a step back and discover three of the brilliant basics when learning about teaching with technology. In this webinar you will discover that:

  1. Knowledge is often a missing element when teaching with educational technologies. We will focus on what powerful cumulative knowledge building is and how to design for it. You will be challenged to start thinking about your own discipline's knowledge practices and how that can be harnessed towards creating meaningful and transformational learning. We will also present a practical way of thinking about knowledge for teaching (through semantic waving) as well as how to start choosing appropriate technologies to support your pedagogy, curriculum and knowledge-building. It is not only how we teach, but also what we teach!

  2. People and the context that they find themselves in should be the second main focus of digital pedagogy. Digital pedagogy is (like all pedagogy) relational and understanding your learner's context, needs and motivations for learning is the best first step you can take as a teacher. We will see how successful relationships can be built in online or blended courses through the Community of Inquiry model, and you will be guided to find out what your own learners' needs are.

  3. Active learning is a proven pedagogical approach to engage your learners in your powerful cumulative knowledge-building and relationship fostering teaching adventures. We will discover what it is (and what it is not), and then look at the very useful framework of e-tivities and how, through a proven simple approach to designing online tasks, we can create the sparks that can ignite the fire of curiosity in your learners.

Knowledge built around Brilliant basics

Here you will find a shortened video and audio recordings of the webinar as well as other links to resources and readings

Video recording

AUN4HEiE 2021 Augmented Webinar Series Nr01 - The Brilliant Basics of Pedagogy


Reflection and activities (Homework/ self-study)

  1. Set up your portfolio on Google Drive (using Google Docs, Google Sites) or www.bulbapp.com

  2. NB: Fill in this Google form to indicate your willingness to participate in the Augmented Webinar Series

  3. On your portfolio:

3.1 Choose a topic or concept and do a quick Semantic Waving Knowledge wave - you can draw or just describe how you will Wave up and down

3.2 Give a list of things you can do to increase the Cognitive presence, Teacher presence, and Social Presence in your online course according to the basics of the Community of Inquiry approach

3.3 Design your first e-Tivity according to Gilly Salmon's approach by writing an "Invitation"