#2 Learning Remotely, Together

Webinar #2: Learning Remotely, Together: Mode, structure, community


In this second webinar of the AHEEN digital pedagogy series we get started with Remote Teaching, Learning and Assessment (RTLA) and explore three of its guiding principles. We will focus on:

  1. The Mode of RTLA and how it differs from online learning;

  2. A thoughtful approach to the Structure of RTLA, and the role of semantic waving, pacing, flipped classroom and just-in-time teaching;

  3. The importance of Community in RTLA and being deliberate about your communication approach.

Photo of Magriet de Villiers

Webinar 2 Facilitator: Magriet (Kiki) de Villers

Short Bio: Ms Magriet de Villiers is the Learning Technologies Advisor of the Centre for Learning Technologies (CLT) at Stellenbosch University (SU), South Africa. She studied and taught in the field of Theology at SU. She took up position as the Faculty of Theology’s Blended Learning Coordinator (2015), and later that of the Academic Development Coordinator (2018). She is currently the Learning Technologies Advisor at CLT and provides support for the institutional use of ICT in Learning and Teaching. She is pursuing her doctoral studies in Theology, focusing on the concepts of thinking and judgement in the work of German political thinker Hannah Arendt. Her teaching and research interests centre on pedagogy of discomfort, academic development strategies, instructional- and learning design, blended- and hybrid learning, and academic integrity.

Knowledge built around Learning Remotely Together

Here you will find a shortened video and audio recordings of the webinar as well as other links to resources and readings

Video recording

AUN4HEiE 2021 Augmented Webinar Series Nr02 - Learning Remotely, Together


Remote mode:

Curriculum and lesson design:

Reflection and activities (Homework/ self-study)

  1. Set up your portfolio on www.bulbapp.com or on a Google (or any other) tool

  2. NB: Fill in this Google form to indicate your willingness to participate in the Augmented Webinar Series

  3. On your portfolio:

3.1 Choose a module/lesson/curriculum and complete a RTLA Getting Started Checklist (click here to download in your preferred format) to see which aspects you have in place and what you need to include or focus on.

3.2 Based on your completed checklist, identify one of the aspects that you need to include or focus on to improve your RTLA approach, and write a 55 word reflection on how you will address this in your context. Paste your reflection on Signal and comment on at least one other participant's reflection.

3.3 In the last section of our webinar we discussed "What would you like to know more about regarding RTLA?". Do some light research on your topic, choose one supporting journal article/website, and provide a short written reflection on how this can inform your RTLA approach.