#4 Pause - rewind - apply 1-3

Webinar #4: Pause - rewind - apply 1-3


In this fourth webinar of the African Higher Education in Emergencies Network (AHEEN) digital pedagogy series we will pause (take a deep breath), rewind a bit and then see how we can APPLY the knowledge gained so far into our own courses. We will look at Webinars 1, 2 and 3 and find a specific tool/ practical idea that you can start using today to plan and implement your own course.

  1. Brilliant basics: Application in this webinar will circle around the creation of an e-portfolio through creating a Google Doc. We will also look at what Google Drive and all its wonderful tools can add to our arsenal of educational technologies to support our quest of creating courses for students in emergency environments towards powerful knowledge.

  2. Learn remotely, together: Getting to know our students is one of the critical aims of this webinar and we will see how we can use Google Forms to this end.

  3. Creative connectedness, expressive engagement: One of the most valuable teaching approaches in the emergency teaching environment is to have a Humanising (digital) pedagogy. We will explore what this means PRACTICALLY and how you can adapt your own courses to have firm flexibility!

What to do BEFORE the webinar (we are having a type of Flipped Webinar):

  1. Complete the Google Form that was sent to you via e-mail

  2. Watch the following two short-short videos (also embedded below) on:

  3. THINK about your own practice and what you are going to use technology-wise

  4. Come PREPARED to share your own idea and plans and also where you are still unsure

Homework after Webinar 4:

Create your Digital Portfolio (using a Google Doc or any other document you can share) and share it with the Webinar Coordinator via e-mail

Pedagogical progression for fragile contexts - Prof Barbara Moser-Mercer

>> Video (18 minutes - Youtube)

>> Audio only version (19 MB)

>> Slides of the video (PDF 5 MB)

Knowledge built around Pause - Rewind - Apply 1-3

Here you will find a shortened video and audio recordings of the webinar as well as other links to resources and readings

Webinar Video recording