#7 Assessment & student learning

Webinar #7: How assessment can foster student learning


Formative assessments are opportunities for students to gauge whether they are on track to achieving the outcomes of a course and to identify any gaps between their current performance and the required performance in a course.

In this 7th augmented webinar we will focus on:

1. What formative assessment is and how you can implement it in your course;

2. Why transparent assessment instructions are important and how you can make your assessment instructions more transparent;

3. The importance of feedback on assessment and some practical ideas for giving good quality feedback.

What to do before the webinar:

In preparation for this webinar think about the different ways in which you assess your students. What works well? What are some of the challenges you experience with assessment? In the webinar, there will be several opportunities for you to give feedback on your experiences.

Webinar 7 facilitator: Anneri Meintjes

Short bio: Anneri Meintjes is a researcher in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of the Free State (UFS). Her research is on online assessment, academic development, curriculum design, and the use of technology in teaching and learning. She is currently enrolled for a PhD in Higher Education Studies at the UFS, focusing on the development of a framework to enhance online assessment adoption in South African higher education institutions. She has worked in the field of assessment, and particularly online assessment, since 2014.

Video recording of the webinar


Online formative assessment

Tutorial videos and resources

Transparent assessment instructions


Homework & Portfolio

  • 1. Use the transparent assessment instruction framework to rewrite the instructions of one of your assessments.

  • 2. In your portfolio, submit the original assessment and the adapted assessment.