AHEEN Augmented Webinar series 2021

African Higher Education in Emergencies Network (AHEEN)

Digital Pedagogy Augmented Webinar Series 2021

The series of 9 Augmented Webinars aims to develop digital pedagogy capacity in the participating university partners as they prepare their curriculum for teaching in emergency contexts. From the AHEEN March 2020 workshop report the rationale for the AHEEN project is stated powerfully:

“… it is essential that African universities go beyond being involved in building higher education programs that are inclusive of refugees and displaced populations, but clearly take the lead in the response on the continent. This is the key rationale for building this network of African institutions of higher learning that seeks to develop higher education programs that address the needs of refugees and IDPs on the African continent.”

It is towards this goal that the ADUN endeavours to support the AHEEN in the professional learning of the participating teachers.

>> ADUN Podcast Series #001:

Listen to an interview with Prof Barbara Moser-Mercer in which she talks about the AUN4HEiE project with the focus on digital pedagogy for teaching in these educational contexts (52 Minutes, 36MB, MP3).

Augmented Webinars

The training will be in the form of augmented webinars, which means that:

  • The webinars all contribute to a bigger conceptual understanding of digital pedagogy - the individual webinars build meaningfully and intentionally on each other and should thus be experienced in sequence and in its totality;

  • Webinars are followed by self-guided learning activities - in this way it is a bit like a course and full participation in all the activities are a prerequisite for successful learning;

  • Participants have the opportunity to build a personal process portfolio of learning in which they can do the activities, get feedback, and showcase the design of their own course(s);

  • There will be a peer-supported and facilitator-involved Signal group (Signal is as secure and more private than WhatsApop and works in the same way) through which day-to-day learning challenges and successes can be shared.

Video Introduction to the AUN4HEiE 2021 Augmented Webinar Series

Need of participants

Webinar participants indicated their reasons for participating and what they hope to gain from the webinar series. After cleaning up the data (and fully anonymising) a Wordcloud was generated (using the free site: https://www.wordclouds.com/). A word cloud represents words or concepts used more as bigger text and words and concepts less used as smaller. The top words and concepts are quite clear: Digital skills for using ICTs in online facilitation for EiE (Education in Emergencies).

Image of a Word cloud indicating participants needs around digital pedagogy