#3 Creative Connectedness & Expressive Engagement

Webinar #3 Creative connectedness & expressive engagement through a humanizing lens


Blended active learning is an approach that all of us should strive for. This webinar will introduce you to the notion of humanizing pedagogies and how this could form the basis for our understanding of digital engagement. Humanizing pedagogies within the digital world will be explored and emphasis will be placed on practical approaches to encourage conversation between teachers and students.

Photo of Dr Sonja Strydom

Webinar 3 Facilitator: Sonja Strydom

Short Bio: Dr Sonja Strydom is the Deputy Director (Academic Development & Research) at the Centre for Learning Technologies at Stellenbosch University (SU). She is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Higher and Adult Education at SU. She holds a PhD in education from SU and a DLitt et Phil in psychology from the University of South Africa. Sonja teaches several short and postgraduate higher education courses. Her current research interest is in the field of technology-augmented curriculum development, academic development, digital wellbeing and mixed methodologies for furthering the field of HE research.

Knowledge built around Creative Connectedness & Expressive Engagement through a Humanizing Lens

Here you will find a shortened video and audio recordings of the webinar as well as other links to resources and readings

Video recording

AUN4HEiE 2021 Augmented Webinar Series Nr03 - Creative Connectedness & Expressive Engagement


Laurillard’s Conversational Framework Videos

Laurillard’s Ways of learning

Technologies assisting in the Conversational Framework

Stellenbosch University OER Book

Nelson Mandela University Humanising Pedagogies

Reflection and activities (Homework/ self-study)

  1. Set up your portfolio on www.bulbapp.com or on a Google (or any other) tool

  2. On your portfolio:

2.1 In one paragraph (maximum 200 words) describe how you could enhance student engagement based on Laurillard’s Conversational Framework.

2.2 Use Signal to:

2.2.1 Share one resource (hyperlink) about humanizing pedagogies that you found interesting.

2.2.2 Provide one sentence why it was of interest to you.