#8 Pause - rewind - apply 5-7

Webinar #8: Pause - rewind - apply 5-7


In this eighth webinar of the AHEEN digital pedagogy series we will again pause (take a deep breath), rewind a bit and then see how we can APPLY the knowledge gained so far into our own courses. We will look at Webinars 5, 6 and 7 and find a specific tool/ practical idea that you can start using today to plan and implement your own course. We will also focus on your journey to your Boabab or Amarula badges, your presentations at the end of October, and the critical new opportunity to get individual or group consultations and feedback on your curriculum design work from a digital pedagogical perspective so far.

5. Course structure and student support: We will look back at the suggested template for structuring a course in a meaningful way as well as see how an e-tivity is brought into life practically.

6. Universal design for learning: Apart from reviewing the MS Office and HTML based tools and techniques for UDL we will focus on video file size (using the Handbrake app) and the creative use of audio.

7. Assessment can foster student learning: Google forms have many abilities that can foster or support formative assessment (even with feedback). We will see how this can be used in action in your courses.

Homework after Webinar 4:

Please x1000 be so kind and complete the questionnaire that was sent to you by e-mail. It is critical for the next steps and the way forward.

Knowledge built around Pause - Rewind - Apply 5-7

Here you will find a shortened video and audio recordings of the webinar as well as other links to resources and readings

Webinar Video recording

Link to the slides

Short how-to videos

Bonus idea 1: Use (free) Zoom for making videos!

Bonus idea 2: Use Screencast-o-matic for making videos!

Video: Using PPT to make an MP4 Video

Video: Handbrake.fr - use it to make big video files smaller!

Video: Using Audacity to create an audio file/ podcast

Video: Using Audacity to extract the audio from a video file

Video resource: An excellent webinar on UDL from the BTALHE 2021 course! ±60 min